Cool Thing About Playing Unblocked Games 

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Unblocked Games I hate playing blocked games, don’t you? Usually, these are free trial versions which we can play just to test how games are. But there’s nothing like playing unblocked games, and here’s why.

You Enjoy The Fun 100%
Playing unblocked games is awesome because you see how the full version of a game is. I mean, what’s the point of investing so much time playing a free trial game if all your cleared stages, records and efforts are going to be lost, right? This is because free trials don’t allow you to save your progress.

Also, blocked games don’t include all features. Here’s an example.
If you played Rogue Spears’ free trial version back in 2005, just like many other shooting games, you could not save your progress, nor could you play all maps in the game. Now with the unblocked version, you could play multiplayer (which I believe was also locked in the free trial version) and you could do all cool things which a paid version allows you to.
Unblocked games are the best, but blocked games such as free trials will only be good if you got no money, and just want to fool around a bit.

Overcome Frustration
But if you’re like me and you played many hours on free trial games, there’s nothing worse than seeing all your progress be lost, or your game fun be time limited. That’s why you must get your hands on unblocked games whenever you can.
I understand that most of the times the deal is money, but playing racing, shooting, RPG, strategy, sports and many other genres games is only better done when these are unblocked games.

Play Cheaper Games
I know that everyone just wants to play the top games, with the hottest titles coming from the biggest names such as EA Sports, Activision, Capcom, Electronic Arts, and many others. However, there are cheaper full version games available through Big Fish Games or other flash games available in many flash game sites. These are full versions that come for as little as $.99 cents, and you can have a lot of fun.
They are a good way for you to maximize your online entertainment with the fully available fun there is, instead of you struggling around playing a free trial which is only going to make you waste your time playing.
If you ask me, I’d rather interact with a cheap full version game from Big Fish Games which I pay only $2.99 and I can play many interesting titles. It’s amazing the high-quality games that you can buy with them that come for so cheap. It makes you get much more than you bargain for. More bang for your buck, definitely.

The bottom line is. I only indicate free trial versions which are usually blocked games when you want to get a taste of the action and know how a game is. For me, that’s OK. But when you start to overplay a free trial, I think it’s just a waste of time. So next time you think on downloading a blocked free trial game, think about other alternatives.

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