Bloon Tower Defense 5 Has Become a Mainstay in Gaming Community

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Bloons Tower Defense 5 GameWith so many gaming options on Xbox One and Playstation 4 combined with the always-popular CD-ROM games provided for Personal Computers and Macs, gamers usually forget about the plentiful amount of free online flash games and mobile game applications. With an increase in development throughout the early twenty-first century, free online flash games were once some of the highest-trafficked gaming platforms in existence. Famous games like the Helicopter Game, Angry Birds, and Farmville have taken up so much time and data throughout the world but in recent years, more attention has been paid to video games for game systems and computers. In turn, many of these games have turned to mobile devices for play time in the form of mobile applications.

In an effort to bring back the flash game, various different developers have been working to create the newest flash game that will rise to the popularity that some of its past counterparts were able to achieve. The developer known as Ninjakiwi has a new release titled Bloons Tower Defense 5 and the game is taking over the online flash gaming world and flooding the application stores that both iOS and Android have to offer.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the fifth installment of Ninjakiwi’s Bloon Tower Defense unblocked games. The series’ first release occurred in 2007 and it was constructed on the Adobe flash platform. Soon after, the Bloons Tower Defense games were available as mobile applications for all iOS and Android smart devices as well as Playstation Portable and Nintendo DSi.

Now, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is one of the most commonly played games outside of the traditional gaming systems. While Bloons Tower Defense 5 was fist released in 2011 on the flash platform, there have been numerous different upgrades since, with the opportunity for different game fixtures to be applied via upgrade packages. A year later in 2012, Bloons Tower Defense made its iOS debut.

In Bloon Tower Defense 5, players are required to use a strategic approach to carefully place monkey-operated defense towers throughout the allotted track course that is almost constantly traveled by attacking balloons, or “bloons.” There are various different types of defense towers that have different levels of capability against the bloons. Players are awarded points for every bloon popped that passes through the track course. As the player progressively moves throughout the levels, the bloons become more difficult to pop. However the game adjusts the difficulty level by providing more adept towers in popping these stronger bloons. Also, as players pass move on to each level, they have to opportunity to upgrade existing towers so they are better able to deal with the more aggressive loads of bloons.

Players of Bloon Tower Defense 5 often claim a level of addiction to the game, as there is an immeasurable attraction to increasing level of difficulty that is presented with each level along with the additional resources provided in terms of towers and point achievements. There are also more bloons that flood the track course per level so players need to use different strategies for tower placement, adding an element of diversity to Bloon Tower Defense 5.

Whether playing unblocked bloons tower defense 5 are playing on their laptop at home or on their mobile phone on the train, everyone takes away something different from the game. Bloon Tower Defense 5 has risen in popularity pretty quickly and with more Ninjakiwi release of the Bloon Tower Defense series, we can expect more intricacies and the increasing need for new strategies on every level.