Friv Online Games for More Fun

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Friv 2 GamesGaming has skyrocketed in popularity since first making its appearance in the 1980’s. From giant game consoles to computers, the world gamers live in continues to flourish. But gaming is no longer limited to a couch or chair. Thanks to Moore’s Law, a computer term expressing processor power doubling every two years, playing games is easier and more convenient than ever with a newer way to play: Frivolous Games or Friv Games for short.

As the name implies, Friv Games can be played either on a computer or mobile device, depending on the size of the game. These type of games require Adobe Flash programming, which can be downloaded for free. Be wary of sites when looking for Flash. It should only be downloaded directly from Adobe’s website. Viruses and other computer issues may follow when an unreliable website is used. If you are planning to game on a cell phone, make sure you have enough memory.

As for the main objective to these games, there is none. It’s simply a fun and relaxing way to escape reality momentarily. Unlike some console games, these don’t require too much strategy or practice to master. This means more opportunity for every one of all ages to play. From kids to the wise generations, Friv games are where it’s at. The best part about these frivolous adventures is no money needs to be spent. That’s right, it’s free. A four letter word appreciated by all who enjoy gaming.

Free is a wonderful word but leads to an even bigger question: What should be played? Anything and everything. As mentioned before, there are plenty of websites to choose from and an array of games for all different skill levels. To name a few of the more popular games already enjoyed by millions include: Angry Birds; Candy Crush; Red Driver2; Mario Land and Wingmen,all of which are exciting and super addicting. One might even find themselves feverishly playing through the wee hours of the morning. Say good bye to sleep for a while and hello to adventure overload.

Staying up until the sun rises in the east is possible but it’s not the entire scope. Friv 2 Games make for a perfect pastime or educational resource, depending on the type and age of the player. The best way to play is on a computer for two reasons: bigger screen and comfort. However, playing underneath the covers at 2 a.m. cannot be ruled out. A quick Google search reveals hundreds of sites producing fast paced, colorful games. Once you click on an icon, it doesn’t take long before becoming captivated with its sugar, spice and everything nice. Playing is relatively simple. Hover over an icon and the name of it will pop up. Repeat this or search for a category such as action or puzzle to make a quicker decision. From there, click and begin playing. Be aware, these games are highly addictive, especially when insomnia kicks in. Once you start, you may not be able to stop!